Tymbl gives you the capability to generate basic analytics of your Total Calls, and SMS and handles time and lead conversions. 

How to generate reports

Step 1: Access the Dashboard

Step 2: Set the time frame/date

  • Chose from Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Date Range, or Total (Overall) report.

Step 3: View notes and call statuses from the report.

  • The report also includes the recent note and call statuses that were left and updated for the lead. You can see the notes column for the notes and the phone number column for the call status.

Step 4: Send the report

  • Send the report to any valid email address.

Total calls - Is the total number of outbound calls.
Total call time - Is the total call handle time
Total SMS - Is the total SMS sent
Leads Converted - An optional STATUS that is set manually to easily track your conversion rate.